Micro irrigation

Micro irrigation is a form of watering intended for watering delicate plants that need steady but light water.



arrosage jsl buse de micro irrigation ajustableFor watering hanging flower baskets, flower pots and shrubs. Ideal for flower beds and restricted areas in green space. Water is sprayed in fine droplets through a system of straws or stakes which can be moved and adjusted according to the evolution of plants. Choice of spray heads: 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. The water intake is done through tiny water stakes. Like the drip by drip model it gives just the right amount of water needed for plants.




arrosage jsl goutteur pour pot a fleursFor watering small pots, flower boxes, trees, shrubs, and roses. This method is used to water the plants closer to their roots, giving them just the right amount of water. Easy installation and easy removable for tilling work and planting. For smooth and precise watering of flower beds and various plantations. Water is distributed horizontally in a fine spray at the root level where needed and avoids wetting the upper part of the plants. Operates at a low flow rate and low pressure.