Pumping Station and More

You are located near a lake or a river? We can install a pumping station on these natural water sources. This makes the irrigation system completely independent and will not be subject to municipal regulations in the event of occasional watering restrictions. Whether it’s a submersible or vacuum pump, we will assist you in finding the right solution.




arrosage jsl manifoldThis product is used to connect valves to one another. It facilitates maintenance, is constructed entirely of PVC and can withstand more than 1000 psi.




arrosage jsl boiteThe valves housing with an overlapping cover are the most robust on the market. The housings are black with a green cover and are treated to protect against ultraviolet rays in order to prolong their longevity. The Rain Bird housing covers are more resistant to shocks than those of the competition.




arrosage jsl conntecteurs etanches et filage electriqueWe only use electrical wiring designed for underground and irrigation systems NMWU type, 14 to 18 AWG gauge.





arrosage jsl maretteUnderground electrical connections subject to wet and humid environments must be waterproof. We only use "Dryconn" brand connector caps with integrated sillicone sealant specifically designed for this purpose. They protect from corrosion and short circuits.