The automatic sprinklers are designed for lawn and flowerbeds. They are inserted into the soil and have a rotatable or fixed jet, in order to adapt the spray to a variety of surfaces.



arrosage jsl asperseurs 1804The 1800 Series sprinklers have a unique construction quality ensuring reliable operation and sprinkler longevity. Top quality materials and features makes this sprinkler a designated choice for a multitude of applications. In fact, the revolutionary design of the 1800 Series guarantees a perfect water distribution, eliminating brown spots of your lawn. Adjustable spray radius of 4 ft. to 18 ft.




arrosage jsl 3504 gicleurs a engrenagesThis 3500 gear-drive sprinkler nozzle has a ½'' inlet that can be easily used in residential applications for short and medium distances. By using only a flat-blade screwdriver, you can quickly adjust the 3500’s watering arc. This versatile sprinkler comes with six spray nozzles and offers the convenience of a reversing full and part circle operation (up to 360 degrees) with the same nozzle unit. Adjustable watering radius of 16 ft. to 35 ft.





arrosage jsl 7008 8005 gicleurs a engrenagesThis gear-drive rotary sprinkler is designed specifically for sports fields and green spaces. Commercial and institutional applications.



5004 Gicleurs à engrenages

arrosage jsl 5004 gicleurs a engrenagesThis robust 5000 series gear-drive sprinkler offers durability, performance and an easy of adjust watering arc from the top. For residential and commercial applications. This versatile rotary sprinkler comes with rubber cover and offers the convenience of a reversing full and part circle operation (up to 360 degrees) in one unit. Also available with stainless steel pipe. Adjustable watering radius of 24 ft. to 50 ft.



SAM Systems eliminates low head drainage

arrosage jsl systemes SAM evitant le deversement d eauAll sprinklers are available with the SAM Series technology. These spray heads are ideal for use in areas with changing elevations. The built-in check valve saves water by eliminating low head drainage from spray heads located at the base of slopes or hillsides.