Irrigation and automatic watering

Automatic watering systems made with high quality materials and installed according to standards, by irrigation professionals, not only save a lot of time and hassle, but also reduce water waste. With today’s technological tools, irrigation systems deliver the right amount of water at the right moment, thus favoring plants’ health.

By choosing to include a watering system to your landscape, you are making the best choice for both your investment protection as well as for the precious resource that is drinking water.

Water and time saving

With an automatic irrigation system, you can enjoy major time and money savings. You can stop worrying about the time spent watering all the plants in your landscape, and stop wondering if you’ve given them the right amount of water. You also won’t have to invest every year into buying new plants to replace the ones who’ve suffered from drought. Your lawn, your annual and perennial flowers, trees, bushes and even your garden will have a longer life expectancy because of your smart watering system. Care for your plants like a professional, without having to spend enormous yearly fees.

Water savings up to 30%

Studies show that automatic watering systems allow water savings between 15 to 30% when compared to manual watering. Watering with an automatic irrigation system brings water where your plants need them, only when they need them. They also deliver the appropriate amount of water to your plants and lawn, without you having to manually open the system and calculate the required time, thus making sure that you’re using the water wisely, without waste, while also maximizing your plants’ health.

Better plant health

Just like a home, landscaping is an investment that requires maintenance every year. Your landscaping, with its plants and bushes of all sorts, can considerably up your property value, which is not to be overlooked. With an automatic irrigation system, you’re protecting your plants by ensuring an adequate water supply consistently through the season. They will then be in better health and more resistant to stress, which will allow you to keep them longer. Also, a well-watered soil is less likely to attract weeds or other unwanted insects. You can go on vacations without having to worry about watering or drought; your automatic watering system is in charge.

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