Irrigation, our specialty!

To be healthy and offer you the best, your plants, trees, bushes, hedges, perennials, potted annuals, vegetable plants, lawn, etc. each need a particular amount of water. Often, rain and dew are not enough to meet the water needs of your plants. This is where automatic watering systems come in.

When properly installed and maintained, irrigation systems allow major water savings, up to 30%, and provide the ideal amount of water for each plant. The products we use are the most efficient on the market, are fully programmable for an efficient, customized watering and surpass established industry standards.

We offer a 5-year warranty on parts and a 2-year warranty on labor and can adapt our watering systems to all municipal regulations and watering restrictions.

For all of your irrigation projects, Les Systèmes d’Arrosage JSL is the team you need!

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Automatic watering systems installation

No matter the project you have in mind, we have the perfect irrigation system for it. Whether it’s sprinklers, micro-irrigation or a drip irrigation system, we will find the perfect balance for the health of your plants.

Our team carries out residential, commercial, institutional and municipal projects. If you have a green roof to irrigate, a sports field (soccer, baseball, football or any other) to water or you simply wish to avoid the hassle of hand watering your lawn and garden, we can help.

Opening and closing of automatic watering systems

Is there an automatic watering system at your home, your company or in your town? Let the Systèmes d’arrosage JSL take its opening in the spring in charge, and its closing in the winter.

Thanks to our speicalized tools and the professionalism of our team, you can rest assured that your irrigation system is in good hands when you entrust it to Les Systèmes d’arrosage JSL.

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Maintenance, repair and modification of existing irrigation systems

Breakage, leaks, adding new areas to irrigate, systems updates and more. Our team takes care of your automatic watering system and makes sure it is in perfect condition to avoid water waste and ensure the best possible health for your plants.

Les Systèmes d’arrosage JSL has been certified Select Contractor Rain Bird for 20 years now, but can modify or update any system of known brands.

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