Shrubbler® 360° & 180° Adjustable Flow

The Antelco adjustable Shrubbler stakes aesthetically and easily irrigate your flower boxes, hanging baskets, and flower beds. They are available in two models, i.e. one with 180° water distribution and the other covering 360°. Each spike is equipped with a rotating cap that sets the flow of water to get the desired watering surface. Watering can be stopped in certain areas by completely closing the cap.

The stakes are used with 1/4′ vinyl micro tubing. Easy to install, you only need to undo the adapter from the stake. The flat-head barbed tip is inserted into the micro tubing, while the other (pointed-head barbed) end is inserted in the water supply line. We recommend using the punch-key to perforate the supply line hose to insert the micro tubing. Once the stake is installed at the desired place, you only need to turn the cap to get the desired flow of water.

Easy to install
Easily adjustable flow of water
Adapters provided with stakes
Possibility of irrigation by area
Discrete when installed


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